News Coverage

VSATlive has unbranded SNG trucks which are strategically placed in the Midlands and SE England able to stream HD video via LiveU, Quicklink and MobileViewpoint over KA-SAT. We use KA-SAT to provide extra resilience, so we can go ‘live’ from remote locations that otherwise might not be served by the 3/4G network. 

With VSATlive you get the same reliability and comfort you would expect from a traditional OB unit but at a fraction of the cost. Our vehicles are equipped with IFB and wireless camera links back to the truck. 

All our SNG trucks are journalist friendly and provide reliable Wi-Fi access to the internet whilst on the move. Our Wi-Fi service automatically switches to a backup internet service provider in the event of loss of signal. This means you remain in constant contact with your office and ahead of the competition whenever there is a fast breaking news story.

Our SNG unit based in the SE region truck has facilities to allow clients to monitor the unencrypted output of the BBC and ITV and European broadcasters via the Sky platform.

You can book our SNG units purely to provide streaming facilities or combined with our own camera operator for live stand up position. 

Midlands and surrounding area 

Contact : Dave Taylor :  +44 (0) 7703 341 365


London, SE England and Northern France 

Contact : Chris Noakes : +44 (0) 7703 341 365

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