Foreign Networks

Hiring one of VSATlive’s SNG vehicles in the UK may not be as expensive as you think.

Imagine you’re a journalist on a rain swept winters evening waiting to go live into the early evening bulletin. Where would you prefer to be? You could be sitting in the warmth of one of VSATlive’s SNG vehicle, your legs stretched out, watching television, surfing the internet, charging up the batteries on your mobile, whilst drinking a freshly made Cappuccino. VSATlive SNG vehicles have all this and more.

VSATlive SNG vehicles  are journalist friendly, providing reliable 4G Wi-Fi on the move having employed the latest in high gain 3/4G, MIMO aerials. Your story always gets there in a flash, even from the most remote locations using our KA-SAT link. Should your mobile phone go flat we have phone charger adaptors for nearly every mobile.  Failing that, feel free to use our on-board VOIP phone to call the office or watch the news via our Sky platform receiver. 

Alternatively you could be sitting in your damp car, wiping away the condensation from the windows, whilst you desperately scramble to find your modem that has fallen under the front seat because the office have not received your story and you need to send it again. Sounds familiar?

VSATlive, eight out of ten newsroom editors said their journalist preferred it.